"My task, which I am trying to achieve is, by the power of the written word, to make you hear, to make you feel – it is, before all, to make you see." 

Joseph Conrad


English into Portuguese (Br)

So you took long hours to craft a beautiful text. With attention and care, you developed a clear and strong message – fine-tuned to perfection. Now that your words are perfect for your audience, a qualified linguist is needed to get them beyond borders. Someone as focused on accurately communicating your message and effectively reaching your foreign audience as you were when you wrote it. 
​That's where I come in. A bad translation may cost you more than money; it could jeopardize your credibility. You can count on my 5+ years of experience to keep true to your words and values. 



Texts in Portuguese (Br)

He who never hit 'send' only to immediately notice a typo may cast the first stone. Editing and proofreading, however, go beyond fixing embarrassing mistakes. A professional linguist knows which layers to strip away to bring out the quality of your message.  
I hold a degree in English and English Literature; I'm also devoted to good writing. Looking to assure quality and accuracy for your project with the bonus of avoiding a headache in the process? Just give me a call! 




Being a trained teacher myself, I'm aware that the production of effective academic material demands accuracy, nuance, and clarity. It also calls for grammatical correction and respect to contextual complexities. It's under this principle that I'll deal with your work, committed to delivering nothing but the best results.

I work with: 

  • Academic publications

  • Instructional and didactic material

  • Educational leaflets

  • Application and recommendation letters

  • Press releases

  • Dissertation, theses, and research projects

  • Powerpoint presentations

  • Manuals, guides, and handbooks


The global market is currently hard-pressed to meet an ever-growing demand for green solutions; a transnational challenge that brings to surface linguistic problems a qualified professional is equipped to solve. That's where I come in: I'll employ the experience I gathered while dealing with highly-specialized terminology and scientific content to make your document stand out with your audience. 

I work with:

  • ​Environmental reports

  • Journalist articles

  • Company brochures

  • Annual reports

  • Corporate communications

  • Press releases

  • Educational material



Writing on legal and political issues has its traps and pitfalls. Fortunately, my years studying Law prepared me to deal with the specificities of these kinds of texts and gave me tools to recognize what makes a powerful and well-constructed argument. Valuable skills that I'll use to make your material stand out.

I work with:

  • Statements

  • Reports

  • Corporate communication

  • Reports

  • Press releases

  • Corporate magazines, brochures, leaflets 

  • Books

  • Dissertation, theses, and research projects

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Nice to meet you, my name is Walkíria. If you are looking for a multi-culturally conscious language professional, driven to deliver quality work for a fair price, just reach out.

Let's work together! 

Brasília (Brazil)

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